A great top knot

A great top knot

A great top knot

to do this, your high ponytail must go up in all different directions. The top knot itself, must be tight yet messy with pins.

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How To: Messy Top Knot

Curly Hair: 1.wet your hair, brush it out, and put any type of curl definer. (Mostly called curly pudding) 2.Let it set (Don’t dry completely) . 3. Pull your damp hair upwards into a high ponytail. 4. grab 1/4 section of your pony tail, wrap it around the ponytail, and stick a pin in it so that it will stay in place. (do this 4 times with each section of the ponytail). 5. touch it up a bit so that it looks messy and wrecked 6. Spray some hair spray on it*

Wavy Hair: 1. wet your hair 2. brush it out. 3. let it dry a tiny bit damp. 4. pull it up into a high ponytail. 5. tease your ponytail with a thin-toothed comb until it has a messy-like effect to it. split it in half and wrap each part around the ponytail sticking two pins in for each ponytail piece. 6. spray some hair spray on all of the hair.

Straight Hair: 1. wet your hair 2. brush it out. 3. let it dry completely (use hair dryer if necessary) 4. pull back into high ponytail. 5. tease pony tail with a wide-toothed comb and then a thin-toothed comb. wrap all of the hair around as if you’re making a bun (wrap it around multiple times without holding it down for messy effect). 6. Pin all the necessary parts down. 7. hair spray everything*

* = optional